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Sunnen AG300 Precision Gauge Manual.


Hot Rolled
Sep 4, 2002
Riddells Creek,Victoria,Australia
Does anyone have a PDF copy of the "Installation and Operating Instructions for the Sunnen AG300 Precision Gauge" that they would be willing to share or post in the Machinery Manuals and Brochure section of this forum?

bill jones

Feb 14, 2009
slc, ut, usa
---I have these two older gauges along with these photos and short stories
Sunnen AG300 differences
---here's two different old AG300 gauges.
---the older one has only one hole choice at the bottom of the spring---and the other one has two choices and has the spring in the second choice

---older AG300 gauge inside front of right side gauge serial #18567
---notice that the top of the springs are mounted different
---this spring is tilted further inward at the top

--both of these AG300's are too old to accept Sunnen standard/medium & large point sets listed in the 2017 Goodson catalog

---I have built my own gauge points sets using brass hex pieces and pressed in the balls

---gauge point sets cost like $55 to $77 for each set in the 2017 Goodson catalog
---just a photo of my 2 AG300 gauges
---this flat piece of piece tin has all the various sizes engraved on it so I don't have to go looking next time
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------this is the new gauge I bought
1670005318533.png---this link shows how to use and set up the Sunnen AG300 gauges


--I haven't looked at this sunnen link for a long time but you might be able to find something in there
---this serial #21374 AG300 is not quite as old---and has two choices for the spring which is mounted in the second choice

---top of this spring is moved up and to the right some
---these Sunnen AG300's new in 2021 cost----------------$4220 each---have these two

---#213Y4 has a new .0001” white gauge
----#18567 has an old .0001” red /green gauge


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bill jones

Feb 14, 2009
slc, ut, usa
Thanks for the information Bill, the serial number on this one is 22103.
The Sunnen link does not work for me.

---I went thru some of the stuff I found on that link and came up with this:
---Better yet---I got to looking around in my own stuff and actually found:
---I-AG-300D instructions
---this is 9 pages SUNNEN setup and operating instructions for AG300 precision gage---that is on this link which is exactly what you are looking for

---for sure click on this link
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