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super kiaturn 21lns tool turret only half indexing, any options?


Sep 13, 2022
my super kiaturn 21lns tool turret is only making half indexes, i dont know exactly how it started as the machine is regularly used by other people in the shop. we have aligned the turret several times as it was what a kia rep told us to try.

we have called kia indusries rep and after sending out a guy who also worked on some of our older Mitsubishis (sensor issues) he took a quick look at the kia and told us he couldnt help.

im curious if its a servo, sensor, controller issue and if there is an easy way to bypass the issue without replacing parts. and if it its impossible, would it be worth it to fit it with a new control system.

i appreciate any insights on this machine as i havent had a lot of knowledge about it.


Hot Rolled
Dec 16, 2011
What kind of control on this machine?

Explain more what you mean by half-indexes. Some machines have the feature that they can index to a position between two normal positions. There are special toolholders that allow you to use this in-between position to mount a tool. This has the potential to double the amount of positions on your turret. This is what is commonly known as "half-indexes". I'm guessing that's not what you're talking about, though.