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Supermax mill yc 1 1/2 v


Feb 26, 2022
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out? I was just given a supermax milling machine. I have taken the entire thing apart as it had been sitting out and is in real rough shape. Everything is in surprising good condition with a bunch of surface rust. But, the ram adapter has the gear teeth striped out of the casting. This is the part that nods the mill head up and down. Here's the question? Can I tram this thing in using a dead blow, and maybe a bottle jack then tighten up the four bolts and call it good if I'm fine without that function? Surely the gear has nothing to do with keeping machine head trimmed in. It's the crush/friction created by the four big bolts, I would think? Second, I see bridgeport ram adapters on e bay, will bridgeport parts fit? Any help is much appreciated.