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Supermax YCM-40 with Fagor 8040 HELP missing PLC Program


Feb 3, 2020
Hello to all, I acquired a Supermax YCM-40 with a Fagor 8040M CNC unit from a buddy. The guy who rented his shop didn't pay for quite some time, got evicted and offered up some machines as form of payment and this was one of them. Everything is in great shape except the CNC battery has failed while it was sitting and lost the plc program. If someone has a 3 axis milling machine of the like, Bridgeport, enco etc running a Fagor 8040, 8050, or possibly even a 8055 and could send me pictures of their parameters I could possibly have a base line to start from. Thanks in advance for anyone with some insight on helping me resolve this issue. The parameters for the axis were all saved on "Card A" seems to be the only thing missing is the PLC parameters.


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