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Swapping tools in a pre-NGC Haas side mount tool changer.


Aug 29, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
At work I'm learning a Haas mill from scratch, a Super Mini Mill 2 (pre-NGC control) with side mount tool changer. No one to help me, just the manual, Google, and Youtube.

I feel a bit silly asking this question because it such a basic part of the machine operation but I simply cannot find the "how-to" in either the manual or searching online.
I've done tool length setting, set work offsets, and even ran my very first program without breaking anything, but this simply task eludes me.

The side mount tool changer has 24 pockets but the control can store 200 tools. At a rough guess I'd say there's about 110 different tools in the tool offset table.
The tool changer is full, so if I want to use a tool not presently in the machine, I have to choose a tool to remove (let's call it tool 45), call it into the spindle, manually remove it from the spindle, and then manually insert the new tool (let's call it tool 109) into the spindle.

At this point in time the control does not know the new tool T109 is in the spindle, and that T45 has been removed. How do I now enter the new tool number into the tool table, so the control knows T109 has replaced T45.

Like I say I simply cannot find this info anywhere.
I do not have a side-mount tool changer to confirm but, this was just discussed a few days ago: