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T-Plus Programming Questions

Circuit 1

Nov 14, 2015
Mazak SQT-10M with T-Plus Control.

(1) How can I add an M0 and have it stop at the tool change position For
clearing chips or measuring?
Right now if I add a new line with an Mo it stops at the part clearance.

(2) Can I add a single threading pass to a program without using reform?
I tried entering in # of passes 1. It didn't like that.

(3) Can the Chuck Barrier be shut off in the program for a single op?
I have a part using live tooling that clears but it alarms out. So I
have to do a Restart from that point after I cancel the Chuck Barrier. I
use Chuck Barrier all the time and I don't want to get in the habit of
turning it off manually and forgetting to turn it back on.


Apr 29, 2016
On your first question make a MNP unit GOO your X and Z where you want it then drop one line with MO in it.


Dec 17, 2012
Chuck Barrier will work ONLY if every tool in turret is accurately described, and are the only tools described in tool file. Fusion control but assuming same backwards. If 3A is in turret as a 3" depth boring bar and 3C is also in tool file (but not in turret) as 6" deep boring bar???? Nope, Chucky Barrier will not like that. Most of my programs in 640T require Chuck Barrier to be shut off. Manufacturer so all are proven production programs. Shut off and run.


May 21, 2020
There are M codes to turn Chuck barrier on and off. Check your book and put them in the program. I can't remember the numbers right now.

RoundHouse M&F

Oct 12, 2020
This is from a 98 QT-30 with T-plus

#1 As a few people said just use the first line in a MNP unit and set your X and Y positions to where you want it to rest then enter the M0 on thew second line.

#2 I take it you mean that you already threaded the section ran a tool over the threads to clean burs off the peaks and want to run a single pass thread cycle to clean anything the tool may have folded back into the lands of the threads, or you just want to run a spring pass to assure size in case the part deflected.

When running a mazatrol threading cycle I just set the "depth of the first cut" section to match the number it generates in the "Thread height" section. so far its not give me any problems and i get single cut spring passes

#3 not sure on this but since you have live tool you may have a section in the set-up page to disable the barrier for the program have it constantly active on the control. I Ran a SQT18-MS with a T32-3 control and it had these settings in the set-up page for when you were using the live tool on the main with the sub-spindle being used for support. It was Like setting the tail-stock barrier you just changed a 0 to a 1 and poof no more barrier, and all tools that would kamikaze in to the sub had relay points set in the units TPC settings.

Circuit 1

Nov 14, 2015
Unfortunately I don't use the lathe that much, it's almost all mill.
(1) I didn't think of using the MNP unit for a stop position. I've used it for a work stop position when manually pulling bar stock. So I'll try that next time.
(2) Nagol: As for the Chuck Barrier I couldn't find the M-Code you where referring too. And as for the Barrier I very rarely shut it off because most of what I do are one off parts. And I have to admit it has saved my ass a couple of times. I thought about it and since I usually only worry about the jaw face and don't pay attention to the jaw height. I think I just need to adjust the jaw height until the live tool body will overhang the jaw height without an alarm.
(3) As for the spring pass, since I usually only do one or two of the same parts I find it easier for me to take the spring pass to get it to size. If I happen to do multiple parts I will adjust it to allow for deflection and not use a spring pass.
RoundHouse M&F: I'll try your suggestion.
(4) And Philabuster: Thank you for the all your programming videos, They have been a huge benefit to me!
And I want to say Thank You to everyone that replies.
I appreciate any and all input.
Thanks Again!