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tailstock hyd. deactivates on program startup. solutions? spring center? Hyd. accumulator? Fagor 8040


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Dec 11, 2013
Alberta canada
ive recently learned my tailstock does not apply pressure while he spindle is on or a program is run. watching the solenoid it turns off and uses the residual pressure of what has been applied before activating the program. obviously this is not adiquate. you can often see the center is not spinning the same RPM as the workpeice.....
Ive contacted the CNC control manufacturue and they have recomended adding a hyd. accumulator to allow for additional pressure resivior to apply pressure. one would think if this was a nessesity it would have came on the lathe...

Control is a Fagor 8040 CNC. there appears to be no M code to activate the solenoid during a program...
lathe is a "modern lt-65" often labled icrocut lt-65. (manufactured from buffilo machine tools, 2005)

anyone have this controler and know otheriwise?
Anyone have this same issue. dod you go a spring tip center or a Hyd. accumulator?