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Takisawa KL-1000 1967 apron removal, carriage output gear repair help


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Hello I’m new here. I’m trying to repair my vintage takisawa lathe. It is in fundamentally good shape however there is a “slip” while moving longitudally. It is in the output gear that drives on the toothed rack. It is noticeable 1m r every rotation. So I assume that gear is connected via a key and the key is slightly worn?
I’ve got the carriage off and all the handles removed however I’m not sure how to split the case it is quite stubborn. Have I removed everything I need to. Is there a trick?


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On my tsl850 there weren't any tricks that I can remember. There were a couple locating pins I removed, all the shafts we a tight fit so I had to pull it straight, but my stubborn part was getting the seal to break free cause it was sealed with a liquid gasket material and it took a bit to break that seal.


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