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tap wrench clean and lube

Bill D

Apr 1, 2004
Modesto, CA USA
I just bought an assortment of tap wrenches. Some of the tee handle ones need to be cleaned and lubed. Both the threads and the cone/jaws will be cleaned with solvent and wire brush. Any suggestions for lube? Oil for the threads and light grease for the sliding jaws? Or leave it all dry. One looks like cosmoline was never removed or it is dried up dark cutting oil turned to tar.
Google just tells me lubrication is critical when using a tap wrench and make sure to lube the cutting surfaces


Jun 24, 2019
I keep a small tube of engine assembly grease in my box just for this stuff.
It's very light and will not harden into varnish. Works well on micrometers too.

Available at any auto parts store.

I think to google thingy is in relation to lubricating the tap while tapping a hole, But it's not a bad idea to lube the wrench also.