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Taylor Y-15-WS Forklift Information

M.B. Naegle

Feb 7, 2011
Conroe, TX USA
We're starting to have some heavier machines go through our shop than what our little 3000lb. Taillift can handle. In the past we've just rented from the local Sunbelt, but it's happening with greater frequency and their lead time is getting longer, so we're looking at leasing or buying a second larger 10k-15k forklift. So far it looks like the market's pretty slim in the greater Houston area. The company that does our Taillift maintenance predicts a 26 month lead time on a purchase or lease. I've seen a few used for sale in the local classifieds. We're hoping for a warehouse style lift with a lower mast (don't need to lift higher than 8-10 feet, and fitting under a 7' doorway would be a huge plus but not a deal breaker). It'll likely never leave our concrete pad and crushed concrete yard, but off-road tires wouldn't hurt. If anyone has any leads in Houston, send them my way.

One specifically I'm looking at is an old Taylor Y-15-WS propane (1970's) that'll need a little work. Not running but supposed to be a simple fix, and is priced accordingly. Anything I should be aware of with this model, or older Taylor's in general. It won't be used daily, so as long as it reliably starts and doesn't have any major leaks, I'm happy.

Plan is that after we have a good 10K-15k forklift on hand, we'll trade in the 3000lb. Taillift for something smaller and easier to use in the shop, as most of our outgoing freight is under 1500lbs. "One forklift to do it all" just doesn't work anymore.


Jan 21, 2019
Our yard boss was upset when we got doosans for our small lifts (5 ton and 7 ton). Our Big Red is a beast- a Paul Bunyan forklift for pulling out anything stuck, moving trailers, and lifting whatever need lifting. I prefer the combi-lift for use -but it is always broken....

more like diggers link than a propane unit.


Aug 13, 2005
Tucson AZ
Taylor forklifts are built with readily available components. Don't know how old it is but the older ones to me are Detroit Diesel, Allison gearbox, and anything else you can get from your local hydraulic or power transmission vendor. Bullitproof, dirt simple, made to work.
Later models may be Cummins engine.