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Test bar issues at spindle ID taper


Feb 19, 2002
Peralta, NM USA
My thought was to treat the ways as the primary datum (per Connelly) and align the saddle parallel (albeit slightly acute for concave facing) to said datum via a precision square off the freshly ground inverted V-way... and then later align the spindle to the ways as well. I reckon I can check the alignment between saddle and headstock to verify I didn't futz anything up, but my primary objective is to get the saddle to travel parallel to the ways. I saw others align their saddle this way in other rebuilds. Bad plan?

To do that alignment you're trying to take a datum from a surface ground at an angle, perpendicular to the cross slide ways and well below the ways. I'm sure that it *can* be done, just not sure that it *should* when aligning the headstock first eliminates all of those issues and makes the saddle alignment simple.