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Testing embedded JPG support


Cast Iron
Feb 21, 2022
Tokyo Japan
Since the forum understandably is restrictive of file types, it can be hard to share things like a 3D model that would be useful to the user base. The JPEG image format is loose enough that you can concatenate a zip archive at the end and still have a valid image file. The only question is if the forum software strips it or rejects such images.

The above image should hopefully include an embedded STL file in a zip archive that should be extracted by unipping it.
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Mar 27, 2005
Northwest Indiana, USA
eKretz, that is tremendous news, as we can stuff anything into a zip file. Is there a size limit we should be aware of?

I am pretty sure that *currently* it's 8 MB for all file types. Getting that info around here is sometimes like pulling hens' teeth. :D

And whether it will stay accurate is anyone's guess.

For bigger files I'd use something like Dropbox. That's what I do.