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Testing oxygen and other high pressure cylinders.


Jan 5, 2022
I think (not an explosive expert) it’s not only the energy in an equal amount of say gasoline vs gunpowder, but the rate at which combustion occurs. This is why some military grade explosives have so much more ‘ooomph’ that dynamite of equal amount.

Not exactly on topic, but gives an idea what I’m thinking.

There is a wide velocity range of explosives.
Like a 40% dynamite used for kicking or cratering Vs 60% dynamite that has a higher detonation velocity for breaking rocks or shattering objects. Linear shaped charges used for demo in cutting large steel beams cleanly uses RDX and copper to do its magic.

When Ascanio Sobrero discovered nitroglycerin its still a very effective explosive and the base for many explosives and propellants.
I love things that go boom.


Dec 21, 2012
Brisbane Qld Australia
You can actually see the detonation wave in Primacord ...a one mile loop set off by you will be back before you can lift youre foot off it......didnt have my foot on it ,but very impressive.