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TFB Motor confusion 220/440


Feb 20, 2014
California Central Coast
Okay, I’ve read several threads here stating the Hardinge dual speed motors cannot feasibly be rewired for high or low voltage like a normal induction 3 phase motor. Here is my confusion - this TFB was running on a transformer in the shop it came from, stepping the shop’s 220 3 phase to 440 for the machine. The coolant pump and vari-drive motors were both wired 440, and legend has it the machine ran fine for years. However the drive motor has a 220V data plate on it. So I reconfigured the coolant pump and the speed change motors for 220, they each run fine, but the spindle motor starts like a 440 motor running on 220. So am I just the unluckiest guy on the forum who found a original Hardinge 220 motor that was re-wound for 440? The motor is a 1HP Westinghouse lifeline-A multispeed motor Model “A UDP”.

The stator connections wiring plate does show a bunch of terminal wires that do not exist in the main junction box. Is it possible they hid those other connections deeper inside the motor? In the terminal box I have only 6 wires: T1, T2, T3, T11, T12, T13

All six go straight to the big drum switch in the electrical box. None are linked or combined like I would normally expect to see in a motor box.

The machine has an omniturn attachment on it, so I have the option of just replacing the motor and vari-drive setup with a vfd, but I would rather just leave the original motor as it is if feasible.