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The Best Speedio for Small Garage Prototyping

Orange Vise

Feb 10, 2012
We have an M140, the predecessor to the M200.

It was originally purchased for a part family that absolutely required turning and has been repurposed for a new part family that absolutely requires turning. Specifically, we're talking about various OD and ID profiles that would require form tools or 3D profiling in a mill (not practical either way).

Straight bearing bores can easily be done in a mill. In your case I'd go with an S500 or whatever fits in your space, plus a rotary. Having a T-slot table means you can have both rotary and table mounted workholding.

If you need a lathe at some point, get a lathe. Maybe a Haas TL-1. Our M140 does an excellent job with turning, but it is not really a substitute for a lathe.