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The heresy of cutting oil?


Hot Rolled
Dec 14, 2017
As for the use of cutting oil, today you generally see it on things like Swiss Screw Machines and whatnot- and here, I have little doubt, a significant chunk of the reason is for machine lubrication. The cutting fluid also keeps the ways, slides, rods, axles and cams lubed, and I suspect that it would not last as long if fed soluble.

Don't think it's for lubrication but because of all the nooks and crannies in a swiss machine. If some oil seeps in no problem but if water does well you know.

I would not consider running neat oil in any hi speed machine without a closed machine enclosure and the best mist collection system you can afford. Water based coolant must is pervasive but at least it evaporates. Oil mist is just atrocious and doesn't (practically) dry out. And the floor is a slippery mess. I run a 3nine centfifugal mist eliminator in a swiss machine and no oil anywhere and no filters to change. Cost was 10K plus but well worth it. 5+ years zero maintenance. Clean workspace.

Fire is an issue too. We escaped a fire when an operator on the far side of the shop saw a glut of smoke fly out of the electrostatic filter on a swiss. More about the filter later. He emptied a dry fire extinguisher into the machine and we had almost no damage. Learned two things from that. Oil machines need a fire trace system and a halon fire extinguisher. Subsequently got a firetrace installed. That powder from the extinguisher stopped up the hi pressure pump filter for a long while.

Never had much luck with the electrostatic filters. I think they are good for smoke only but any mist foils them. They had hi $ pleated filters on top and we were always replacing them. And the electrostatic part is a PITA to clean.