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The new PH-28 Power hammer!

Baileigh inc

Feb 26, 2009
Manitowoc Wisconsin
Own your own American Made Baileigh Power Hammer for under 10k 👊 That's right metal shapers, we are releasing the brand new PH-28HD for the introductory price of $9,995 for a limited time. Why you ask? Because we love metal shapers! ------ From the mind of our lead design engineer @chris_rusch who shares our intense passion for metal shaping, metal shapers and the entire metal shaping community. The PH-28HD Power Hammer was designed right here in Wisconsin to do one thing, and one thing only.…hit….and hit hard. With a hit up to 75% harder than the MH-19 Power Hammer, this beast will move metal faster than just about every hammer its size. Extremely affordable and American Made!
Quick release, indexable tooling for immediate tooling changes. Variable speed, electronic controlled via foot pedal. Raised work height so you can actually see the “hit mark.” 3 stroke speeds. An extremely innovative chain and sprocket scaled coil spring mechanism that is similar to our larger hammer MH-37HD.
Deep panel shrinking and stretching is now obtainable to nearly everyone in the market! Stay tuned for more details as we unleash this monster this weekend at our March metal shaping class….BAM! #gamechanger #baileigharmy #baileighpowerhammer #metalshaping #powerhammer #baileighmetalshaping #yoder