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The official "Baileigh Industrial Customer Project" thread

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We have customers all around the world building some of the most amazing things with our equipment. This thread will be a place to show off a few of them from time to time. Please feel free to ask question about any of the applications you see.

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Dave Byron is probably one of the most humble metal shapers we have ever had the privilege of working with. Located in Green bay, Wisconsin, this soft spoken metal shaping enthusiast has absolutely mastered his Baileigh MH-19 Multi Hammer under a veil of secrecy.

He purchased his machine several years ago and disappeared into the sunset, never to be heard from again……that is until he was spotted at the Sunny View Swap Meet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin a couple months back.

After setting up our booth, shaking hands and chewing the rag with some local Hot Rod guys, we noticed a rather large crowd forming in the distance. After making our way to the front, we were blown away by what we found……..it was Dave!.....and his hands were dirty! He had been working this whole time! No smart phone and not much of a computer guy, his work has been off of the metal shaping radar for most of us.

He is one of our biggest success stories when it comes to “what can be done with a power hammer.” Here is Dave’s reproduction of a ¼ midget from the mid 1950’s. Formed from 16 gauge aluminum, the majority of the work was formed with the 3” thumbnail shrinking dies that were included with his machine. The tail and nose were made with 4 separate pieces, while the hood and body were formed with a single sheet. This is amazing metal work with an insane amount of attention to detail. Some of the best we have seen.

Dave has also been busy working on a few customer projects as well. Here you will see his latest creation, a Crosley T bucket with a supercharged Crosley engine. Holy cow!

Dave will be a great addition to Baileigh’s metal shaping family as he will be one of our metal shaping instructors and power hammer teachers.

Please email Shane Henderson [email protected] for information about our metal shaping classes held on a regular basis.








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Making a planishing hammer sing like a guitar / Lacey Metal Designs

Making a planishing hammer sing like a guitar / Lacey Metal Designs

When does a machine go from ordinary to extraordinary? When it tells a story….

Nobody can make a planishing hammer tell a story like Mike Gallucci from Lacey metal Designs can. An amazingly talented metal artist out of Lacey Washington who has impressed us time and time again with his projects built with our metal fabrication equipment.

From handmade, metal sculptures of wildlife and trees, to vibrant metal fountains, Mike has completely changed the rules on what can be made with a CNC plasma table, a planishing hammer and a little bit of creativity.

Here is a video of the fountain in operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldK_pLRqlEM

These projects here were all created with the PH-24A, a pneumatic planishing hammer that delivers 4,600 blows per minute, making shaping and smoothing metal an absolute breeze.

We offer the largest selection of metal shaping hammers on the market today. From entry level to industrial grade machinery, metal shaping is our specialty.

Mike recently entered a contest we hosted on a popular forum and absolutely blew our minds with his entry. It was named “Kansas”

Here is a video of the entry:


If you are interested in learning more about the art of shaping metal, Baileigh Industrial is the absolute authority and can get you started with a simple phone call or email. Our metal shaping team is available worldwide and can be contacted at [email protected]



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Copper Obsession…….The Metal Shaping Gene……with Whitefield Roofing
Working with copper requires a certain gene that few men have anymore.

A genuine love for metal shaping, or as Terry Whitefield would describe it….an obsession. He is a true artisan that takes enormous pride in each project and is doing his part to keep the tradition alive. By providing some of the best copper work in the Green Bay area, he has raised the bar for the entire industry.

Boring, mass produced, imported construction components have flooded the market and can be seen on just about every new house or building you see. Terry and the crew at Whitefield Roofing have spiced things up a bit, by providing their own flavor of roofing components and copper work that have proven to be so popular; you literally have to get on a waiting list to have work done.

With every project handmade right here in Wisconsin, Terry’s shop is a beehive of metal shaping activity. Filled with Baileigh Industrial metal shaping equipment, his men crank out incredible works of art that can be seen all over north Eastern Wisconsin. From Church Steeples to residential applications and everything in-between, Whitefield roofing is about as good as it gets.

These are the machines that are used EVERY SINGLE DAY at the Whitefield Copper Roofing Art Studio:

PH-24A Planishing Hammer
EW-40 English Wheel
MSS-18 Shrinker / Stretcher
MSS-16F Shrinker / Stretcher
MSS-14H Hydraulic Shrinker / Stretcher
BB-4816M Magnetic Brake
BR-16-36 Deep Throat Bead Roller

Hello all at Baileigh,

“Your equipment made all the copper work possible for these projects, thanks again from everybody at the Whitefield Copper Roofing Art Studio.”

Terry Whitefield,
Whitefield Roofing


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England is home to some of the most amazing architecture and structural masterpieces in the world. From old world replications to new age designs, the English have been pushing the envelope for many years and setting the bar quite high.

Peter’s Roofing is leading this industry with their crew of artisan metal shapers and installers. Located in London, England they have an amazing following and a stellar reputation that has crowned them some of the best in the business. Spreading the gospel of beautiful Zinc, Copper and Stainless Steel, the crew travels all over the country, all for the love of metal shaping.

The PH-19 reciprocating hammer has been a key player in many of their custom applications. By designing a “male” and “female” die, Peter can simply feed his material through those dies to duplicate just about any profile imaginable.

Check out the website here: Roofing Specialists, Zinc & Copper Metal Roofing - Peters Roofing

Contact them here: [email protected]

t: 0208 655 3598
m: 0777 059 4243








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The crew at Overkill Racing and Chassis and Chassis builds the most amazing tube chassis on the market with their Baileigh RDB-250 tube bender and then finish them off in the TN-800 tube notcher

“Mini monster truck frame rail. Sweating all the little details and keeping tight tube notching tolerances is what we hope makes an @overkillracingandchassis stand apart from the rest...”



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Some amazing work there, thanks for sharing. :cheers: What does the PH-19 reciprocating hammer cost ? (I suppose I could just look on the Baileigh site but too lazy)


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I see people advertising replacement panels for vintage tractors ,I couldn't understand how they could be made economically without a press tool which would not be viable for the niche market. I am thinking that something similar to your reciprocating hammer is being used ,are there ways that a similar part can be reproduced or is it down to making templates and the skill of the operator?

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I see people advertising replacement panels for vintage tractors ,I couldn't understand how they could be made economically without a press tool which would not be viable for the niche market. I am thinking that something similar to your reciprocating hammer is being used ,are there ways that a similar part can be reproduced or is it down to making templates and the skill of the operator?

Duplicating panels out of sheet metal can be pretty easy with the correct machinery. I would need a picture of what panel you are looking to duplicate in order to tell you what machinery you would need.

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Utah Trikes: A Rolling Success Story

Ashley Guy is the Founder and President of Utah Trikes. Located in Payson, Utah, they are in the epicenter of one of the largest biking communities in the US.

Surrounded by bikes as a child, Ashley found himself tinkering with them at a young age. Building his first fully functional bicycle at the age of 10, shaped his future as he turned his love for bicycles and trikes into an industry leading business.

Today, as the nation’s leading trike manufacturer, Ashley and his crew continue to be a driving force of innovative design and manufacturing throughout the world, and we have been by his side the entire trip.

Ashley and the crew do all of the designing and Baileigh Industrial does all of the heavy lifting.

They use the RDB-250 tube bender with a touch screen programmer to bend the tubes for the frames. The TN-800 endmill style tube notcher is used to provide the perfect cope (or notch) for joining and TIG welding.

In addition to the tube bending operations, the RDB-250 tube bender has been outfitted with the UBP-1200 Universal Bend Plate that allows the operator to easily bend solid rod and flat bar to multiple radii without major tooling changes.

Utah Trikes is now a fully functional #Baileighshop and is a perfect example of how our team operates.

When a customer calls Baileigh Industrial with a manufacturing need, our technical sales and application group engineers and delivers the perfect solution….it’s that simple. Having the correct machinery in place changes everything.

Follow Utah Trikes on Instagram to keep up with the latest: @utahtrikes

Check out their website here: Utah Trikes | Recumbent Trikes | Catrike| KMX | ICE | Sun

Here are a few videos of how Utah Trikes has changed everything: