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The official Magnetic Brake thread

What is the thickest aluminum the 48" magnetic brake could handle at 24" and 48"? I typically bend .080" (2mm) aluminum sheet (series 3003) up to 28" wide. I'm trying to decide between the magnetic brake and the Mittler Bros.

I love the idea of this and have been planning to buy one, as a colleague has one. His has burnt out the coild though, and this is what I was worried about, at least with an old box and pan folder there isn't that worry.

I still like the idea of the magnetic one though....can you buy replacement coils ?
I just received my BB-4816M, and I'm concerned because it's drawing more current than stated on the nameplate.

I'm measuring 17A using a Fluke clamp-on ammeter when the leaf microswitch closes and it reaches full power during a bend. The nameplate says 10A.

My shop power is 244V, so I'm using a 500VA buck transformer to step down to 221VAC at 60Hz. I have confirmed that the voltage is 221V at the DIN terminal inside the electrical cabinet on the back of the brake.

It's this normal?
I have noticed Baileigh has not replied to this post in 3 years, are their Magnabrakes any good any more??
As I bought an Eastwood Version of the Magnabrake and they have sent me 3 of the biggest piles of SHIT , none of the 3 they have sent me work properly!!!!
I have been messing with Eastwood for 3 months now trying to get one thats works!
The first one had faulty wiring and when I plugged it in it sparked everywhere and then they tried to get me to fix it by email, and I refused as I am NOT an electronics guy, after 6 weeks of emails they sent me another one , only to find this one didnt work either, it would clamp down on the light clamp position with a piece of sheet metal in it, but when I flipped switch to FULL clamping power it would NOT clamp down on any gauge sheet metal , the clamping bar would pop right UP , no matter what button or foot control you hit!
the 3rd pile of crap they sent will not clamp down on any setting or any gauge sheet metal , and it HUMS like hell making you not want to touch any metal surface or handle.
I am sending the 3rd one back too, but it will take up to 72 hours before I get my refund and feel like they should reimburse me for the 4 full days I had to take off work to sit and wait on this POS product for time wasted waiting on them to send a new one to me and to pick the crap ones up!
All I have to say is I wouldn't buy ANYTHING form EASTWOOD Company ever again as they are worthless in customer service!!!

So I am asking is the Beileigh any better or is it made by the same manufacturer, because if it is I am staying clear of this product!!!

Or is the Roper-Whitney Magnabend a better product???