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The Sticky Archives of South Bend Lathes

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Feb 23, 2016
Houston, TX
A work in progress. This will be updated and changes made as time prevails. From previous moderators and great contributors we have about 10 previous stickies that I will link here for anyone searching. Many are still very relevant, and great effort was put into them. So they will be forever linked in this first post.

I will also be adding a list of useful links, starting here:

Manual and other info:

Please try to donate once a year to both sites to help keep them floating:

Steve Wells' The SBL Workshop

Vintage Machinery's publication reprints on South Bend Lathes

Other manual sources:
WEWilliams - index

South Bend - Ozark Tool Manuals & Books

The Sticky Archives of South Bend Lathes:

Serial Numbers Wanted - This is still an active link, and Steve Wells continues to update his serial data base. Add your serial number and relevant data here.

South Bend Links: Sources for Parts, Info, etc.

South Bend Picture Gallery

What have you made FOR your South Bend?

What have you made WITH your South Bend?

South Bend Restoration Threads - Sticky

Noteworthy Threads

South Bend Loaner Tools

South Bend Recommended Lubricants

Posting Pictures on the South Bend Forum

Please post any suggested new stickies, links, or any other suggestions here:
Suggestions for New Co-Moderator to South Bend Lathes
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