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Cast Iron
Dec 15, 2005
St. Cloud, Mn.

This is really interesting. It describes global manufacturing. I'm sure you guys will rip her on some things but that is fine. My biggest complaint was when she talked about taking back the govt. she didn't elaborate. From what I see there is no way to take it back. It is a closed system. I do not believe voting matters anymore. Actually after I thought about it the one single thing that would improve this country the most is the elimination of television from our homes. I haven't had one for twenty years and wish I would have never seen one.
I do not believe voting matters anymore.

You say that now. We may end up with a better dressed, better speaking Jimmy Carter in January, 2009. Anyone else remember 21.5% interest rates? How about waiting in line for rationed gas? How about the hostages? Yeah, the ones that were released just minutes after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. I didn't fully understand what a mortgage was at the time, but I remember my Dad griping about it. But I definitely remember the hostages.

It's not that voting doesn't matter, it's just that all the candidates SUCK! Just pick the one that is least likely to further meddle in our lives.
Coulnt watch the whole thing. Kind of lost me at the "The government is supposed to take care of the people." Sorry, the idea of government is we surrender certain rights in return for the protection of our other rights. That is the very base definition of a benevolent government.

She has been traveling the world for 10 years to find this out? Who footed that bill? And is she that unobservant that it took that long to find the obvious?

Then she basically said that we just steal the resources from third world countries. What a crock...

Spreading more FUD...
I couldn't watch it all either. "The government is supposed to take care of the people." What a bunch of communist tripe. The government should do two things - protect us from enemies foreign and domestic, and build interstate infrastructure like highways, rail lines, and air traffic systems. That's it. You want more? Go earn it for yourself.
I don't like the BS about the government either.

She has a point, it's all about keeping the people buying more JUNK!! The whole system is so wastful, it's exactly what I get angry about when I sit back and think aobut the problems she addresses. If you quit listening after the thing about the government taking care of us, you should really go back and watch it again, but ignore that. That and taking back the government, she doesn't exactly have any real ideas for that. As long as they can get paid, things won't change. I've got an idea to take back the government, but it require cooperation of people on a massive scale. She's at least got her head halfway out of her butt, which is more than I can say for most people!!!

1.) Don't pay taxes, if nobody pays, they don't get paid, and they MIGHT get the hint! They can't jail everybody for tax evasion!!!

2.) DON'T VOTE, that just says you support their actions, if nobody votes, they MIGHT get the hint we're fed up!

3.) QUIT BUYING the junk that allows this system to propogate! If people quit buying the JUNK, the big corporations won't have the $$$ to manipulate the government!

Those three things are the ONLY way to take back the government PEACEFULLY, but it would require a level of cooperation the people aren't capable of. So, this process will go until people run out of $$$, because their model is starting to fail. By exporting all the manufacturing jobs, they're actually killing the economy they depend on! This is funny, but SAD, because it's BAD for everybody involved. At least people are STARTING to see the big picture, without the $$$ to keep consuming, they're at least questioning why they're supposed to do that. They're also getting smarter with their purchases, out of necessity. Unfortunately it's too little too late. We've allready done MASSIVE damage to this country by letting it continue as long as it has.
I didn't agree with her 100% either. But when I start rejecting people because I don't completely agree with them I am going to be a very lonely person. You ornery buggers can call her what you want but if you don't think she made any sense at all you are very close minded. The subject was that Americans buy useless junk and throw it away.
The reason is that we are programmed to do this by the media.
It's not that voting doesn't matter, it's just that all the candidates SUCK! Just pick the one that is least likely to further meddle in our lives.

Aviator, That is why I am saying that voting doesn't matter. The candidates are preselected by the banksters and if push comes to shove the voting machines can be messed with. http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/images/blpic-dieboldstalin.htm

I'm going to write in Ron Paul. What else can I do? I recently met a woman who lives near me who is very knowledgeable about politics. She leans left pretty strong but unlike most people she can defend her views. She is so frustrated with her choices that she is going to vote for Ron Paul. Our choices are two sides of the same coin. And the coin represents corporations.
She said "In the US we have only 4 percent of ore original forest left." That is not true, there is actually more forest now than when the wight man first came to North America. Now I know that statement might be hard to believe, but originally there were basicly no forests West of the Mississippi river until the Rockies. She also said that in the last 200 years we have used 1/3 of the worlds natural resorces. That is just not true. Gary P. Hansen
I can't argue either way. One thing that would be true for sure here in Mn is that all the big trees are gone. Just out of curiosity Do you believe in Peak Oil?

there is a bit of difference between old growth forests and tree-farm forests. Sure we have more trees, but the quality of the wood (what I care about most) is lacking. According to environmental scientists, the old growth forests are supposed to be part of eco systems that are worth saving.

Those 1000 year old redwoods are pretty damn impressive, and there are folks working to cut them *ALL* down for their personal profit. seems a bit of a shame. Surely folks can make make money without destroying all of these majestic trees...

I think this is a great little video and I hope it causes those who watch it to both think about and question our current lifestyles. Yes, I think some of her statistics are questionable (they seem like sensationalism to me), but her larger point about the rates of change and why things change is worthwhile. In order to reach a wide audience and compete with the myriad other things that viewers are distracted by, the video probably needs to be a bit sensational; I don't think most people really want to take the time to think about issues like these.

I'm a technology consultant and have spent my career pushing bits about and making them go faster. I have noticed over the years a sense of decreasing satisfaction with my work even though by most standards I have been quite successful with what I have done. In pondering this dissatisfaction, I have thought about what it means to be a producer rather than a consumer. Sure, in many respects I am a producer (I write software, design systems, build networks, etc.), but these are virtual accomplishments that are often swept away by the tides of technology change rather than something physical that I can still appreciate many years later. I think that our society has become one of hyper-consumerism and many have forgotten what it means or feels like to be a producer. I have read several postings here on the PM of tech people like me who gravitate to shop work because of an innate desire to create something physical. I would stretch this line of thinking a bit farther and state that being a producer is one of the things that makes us human: within the animal kingdom, making and using tools is a trait largely unique to humans. By loosing touch with actually producing things and becoming hyper-consumers, we're loosing touch with something fundamental to our nature. No wonder many of us are dissatisfied, but dissatisfaction is a key means of controlling groups of people and in this case is fuel for the system described in the little video.

I know I'm ranting and rambling, and probably making a few large leaps of logic, but I think the points are worthy of consideration.

You are on target. United States aid to third world creates farmers dependant upon pesticides and sterile seed stock. The greatest US export occured in the late 40's in Eastern Europe as part of Marshall Plan- the Missouri mule.
From a comment or 2 in your post, it seems you BARELY remember those days.

So your outlook is a product of your Dad's mental process at the time.

"You say that now. We may end up with a better dressed, better speaking Jimmy Carter in January, 2009. Anyone else remember 21.5% interest rates?"

This link:

seems to say that interest rares were higher under Reagan than under Carter.

The "Government" isn't supposed to build that infrastructure you want, either. State's Rights says that your State should build the highways in YOUR state. Your state gets the most benefit from that highway. You should pay for it.

Eisenhower ordered the first Interstate as a way to move troops anywhere in the country should we be invaded. I think that is the first time that US Gov. funds were used to build roads.

Historically, towns and townships built and maintained their own roads. You either went out and worked XX hours on the roads or you payed a "tax" to pay someone else to do your part.

"Infrastructure" is not mentioned in the Constitution.


Your statement is not true. There is less forested land in the US since the 1600's.

I hope this shrinks to fit.

Innyhoo, the land today is new growth, mostly, and the loggers want to go get that valuable old growth timber. When she says "original forest", I think she means old growth, and I haven't watched nor read it.

As far as 2/3 of the world's natural resources, THAT WERE AVAILABLE, I would probably have to agree, though I would also say that since the end of WWII, and including the War and the years leading up to it, we probably DID use more than what you MIGHT call our "fair share".

We ate a lot of the production of the world in those days. Part of the reason we went to war with Japan , or they went to war with us, was that the Japanese took Burma, the source of latex for tire rubber, and, indeed, all other rubber.

Too, much of the world was not using much of the "world"s resources".

About 1860, I could imagine that Britain was using 2/3 of the world's resources. They were dominant in mfg before the US was.

Times come, times go. We couldn't be on top forever, when we had companies decide they could get it done cheaper "over there".

Profit is the name of the game, for them and for you. For me, too, what the hell! Retired old fart that I am, I like for my 401 to grow. BIG hit, today!


language choices in the video

It is a bit unfortunate that she used the words "isn't government supposed to protect us..." although in a sense that is one function of government, there are those who for one reason or another call those fighting words, and think they lead down the slippery slope to soviet times... Unfortunately that turns people off before they can even hear what she has to say, which is pertinent and makes a fair bit of sense. we ought to be looking at a way to survive that does not involve our dissatisfaction with what we have and using that to produce and endless array of crap for consumption and consequent disposal. it just doesn't make sense long term.

but what are we worried about the long term... the rapture is just around the corner. Haven't they been saying that for well over 1000 years??? time to start planning for the future...


I agree 99%. The only thing I would dispute is your date on the eschatological fraud called the rapture. It is only a little over a hundred years old.
I have been studying that issue for a long time.

that part was mentioned a bit tounge in cheek... sadly there are a lot of folks out there who believe this way, and thus fail to note that we are the stewards of the earth, and all that is on it. if one believes genesis, it is there to read in plain sight, if not, there are plenty of other reasons to think and act as steward of the earth, such as enlightened self interest, or just plain curiosity and/or compassion for others.

your link is very interesting...

1.) Don't pay taxes, if nobody pays, they don't get paid, and they MIGHT get the hint! They can't jail everybody for tax evasion!!!

I've been saying that since I was 16,

3.) QUIT BUYING the junk that allows this system to propogate! If people quit buying the JUNK, the big corporations won't have the $$$ to manipulate the government!

I have been doing this for years. The first thing I cut out was soda pop. Really, why do you need a substitute for water? Whole industries would collapse if everyone, or most, had my buying habits.