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Thermal Arc 350 Ultra Flex CC/CV Connected to Lincoln LN-7 Wire Feeder


Jul 20, 2015
Very cautiously working towards hooking up a LN7 wire feeder to my Thermal arc base welder. Have ordered the Amphenol connector.

I have attached photographs of what I think are the relevant parts of the respective wiring components. I have full schematics that I could post as well if requested.

BASE WELDER (Amphenol 19 Pin Connector)(only detailing pins that had a wire soldered).

Pin A (red) Contactor Ckt. (+15v)
Pin B (brn) Contactor Ckt. (A-B closure turns power source on)
Pin E (blk) 120 VAC
Pin F (wht) 120 VAC Neutral
Pin G (grn) Chassis Frame Ground


D 115 VAC
C 115 VAC
F Work
B To Contactor Circuit
A to Contactor Circuit
E Ground

Questions (very basic):

Is wire feeder E Ground the same as Pin G Chassis Frame Ground?

Is wire Feeder wire F Work the large welding cable that hooks to the work to be welded?

The Wire D & C 115 VAC of the FEEDER does not specify which one is Neutral, How can I figure which is nuetral so I can hook it up to the nuetral of 120 VAC neutral of the WELDER?

The Wire B & A to Contactor Circuit of the FEEDER does not specify which is positive, nor the voltage. Does the order, or voltage, matter when I hook it up to the corresponding two wires on the WELDER?

Any details or suggestions would be appreciated.