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They certainly don't make them like they use to

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Feb 27, 2013
Northern califorina, usa
In 1957 my father in-law and his best friend took a brand-new Oldsmobile from northern California to Mexico City and back, two years later the Olds was rear ended and totaled. My father-in-law pulled the front spindles, hubs tires and wheels, and in 1960 he built a pipe hauling trailer utilizing the Olds parts.
Fast forward to 2022 and we still have that pipe trailer here. The amazing thing is the Good -year tires that were made in 1957 are still on that trailer and still holding air.
In this age of the recommended 4-year life span Irregardless of mileage for truck/trailer tires. I find it interesting that these 64-year-old tires are still holding air and holding their thread. The trailer does get parked inside the steel Wherehouse so it's out of the sun.
We still occasionally use it to move long pipes into the shop.


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Dec 30, 2008
The tires on my Fordson E27n tractor were new in 1973. They are down under the shop holding air as I write!

Not nearly 1957, But the tractor is a 1950. Heck, It's got a cast iron radiator top tank! ;-)


Sep 10, 2010
Oklahoma City, OK
You're surprised that an occasionally used set of tires hasn't experienced treadloss?

You'll be REALLY surprised when you see the screws on unused machines.

Programmed via Mazatrol


In this age of the recommended 4-year life span Irregardless of mileage for truck/trailer tires. I find it interesting that these 64-year-old tires are still holding air and holding their thread.

That's not an accident.

Have you never wondered what "E-Series", "Green friendly", or "Ecco" tire technology actually means?

Biodegradibilty is built into the chemistry of the synthetic rubber in the mixer.
Cleverly so, and a-purpose.

Our present-day tires begin to bio-degrade as they leave the mold.
By design. Despite.... rim-bead and CORD materials of Stainless steel, Aramids, super-nylons, and magical poly-whatevers? No longer simple carbon steel nylon, rayon, etc.? Hell, COTTON CORD tires used to last a lot longer than just four years!

Its all about bio-degradation of the "rubber".

There's your four-year design life!

Green politics and landfills thing.

And the big-rubber boys get to sell more product.
Why are we not surprised they are technology leaders in the game?

I have two full sets of factory alloys for each of the Jaguar and Range Rover.
Tires - and not cheap ones - (Oh, HELL no, not "cheap!") get replaced not from tread wear....

They get replaced when I see the sidewalls clearly indicating that they are doing what they were designed to do.


Societal change in priorities.

- Far, far fewer discarded tires that had lasted longer, and had 'rubber' compounds that could be recycled into durable goods, last-forever doormats, even..

- Far, far more discarded tires that did not last, and recycled "rubber" doormats that are falling apart before their first year is out.

Same insanity as alleged "water-saving" flush toilets that require three, if not four flushes of a half-sized tank, thereby using 150% to 200% MORE water than the older, larger tank could manage with but ONE flush.

Floating the waste far enough to actually reach the mainline of the sewer, AND NOT drop a third of the way along to gradually pack the sewer line SHUT 'til it needed the services of a cleanout.

It is what it is.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was ONLY tires and toilets?

Our 'modern' human wont for "woke" AKA casually klewless, irresponsible, never-any-accountability, "government solutions" that create greater cluster-f**k-class problems than they "solute"

See open borders, drugs, homelessness, casual murders, no-bail, no-prosecution, black folk labeled as "white supremacists", intentional inflation, vaccines that preventeth-NOT their target disease.. ....and not-only.

Let's Go Brand Them!

While we still can.

And before the "cure" is worse than the disease.
Chinese is a really difficult language for a Gweilo to learn as an adult.


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