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Thoughts on G&L No.3 Jig Bore manual operation.

I'm not familiar with that G&L. Looks very similar to a DeVlieg with the limited Z capacity, hence why G&L is calling it a jig mill and not a boring mill. That machine with its push button controls is likely like some later generation boring mills that used electro-mechanical means for speed/feed selection and shifting. Lucas is one I'm familiar with. Lucas had similar machines that were either manual or NC controlled.
Maybe “ G & L “ didn’t make many of those machines. They’d be competing with the already very well established “ DeVlieg “ Jig- Mill plus the extremely well made Swiss “ Dixi “ horizontal jig borer.

Regards Tyrone
I think you’re correct. A SIP makes some awesome ones too.
One company I worked for had several photos of a “ new “ machine in their sales brochure for years. I know for a fact that they only made one of that particular machine. Machine tool building isn’t always like working at “ Ford “ or even “ Rolls-Royce “.

Regards Tyrone
G & L definitely made some big stuff. Though I don't think they called them jig borers. One I happen to see in a shipyard in Belle Chase, LA was called a "Horizontal Boring, Drilling, and Milling Machine".
58.jpg 59.jpg

The machine I saw weighed in at 34,000lbs.

More pics:
52.jpg 53.jpg 54.jpg

A 1951 manual from the one I saw:

No doubt this machine has great rigidity and very nice accuracy, though I couldn't possible tell you what numbers. Generally, I think "jig borers" where meant to operate at a rather high repeatable accuracy. I'm not intimate with this machine to say, but it may not require those higher standards or features.
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The whole point of the early NC machines was the accurate placement of features without any necessity for the operator to do anything except mount up the workpiece.
That seems to be about the same size as a 3H-48 DeVlieg. They weigh about 26,000. Even if the machine is free, I will be impressed if you can cut many chips before the expenditure of $5,000.

I like the idea of a DeVlieg better myself.
That seems to be about the same size as a 3H-48 DeVlieg. They weigh about 26,000. Even if the machine is free, I will be impressed if you can cut many chips before the expenditure of $5,000.

I like the idea of a DeVlieg better myself.
I'm ok with 5k if that's what it takes.

I agree if I come across a Devlieg 72, I'd likely sell this and go that route.
My G&L 330 weighs 21,500 pounds. Moving it wasn't a problem. I hired a tandem roll off. He charged me $900 to move it 1-1/2 hours home. I had to remove the transformer, so it was under legal height restrictions on the truck. 13'-6"
I had him slide it off on some 2-1/2" round bar. I was able to push it with my lift truck to position. I spent a couple days leveling it.
I don't have a proper foundation. I do have a 6" slab with 3000mpa concrete with fiber mesh and rebar. I check it randomly for level and it hasn't moved. I also don't machine 15,000-pound fittings either. I am a hobby guy who likes big old machines.
Your biggest obstacle will be power if you don't have 3 phase. My machine is 460 volts. I have 600 volts going to a transformer to bring it down to 460.
Before I brought my 3 phase in, I was running it on a rotary phase converter and step-up transformers. You can spend a ton of money on electrical. I think its a 15hp motor.
Hi all, I got a line on a local G&L jig, "mill/bore." I don't run a machine shop, but I like big old tools.

I've been looking for a 72" DeVlieg Jig mill for some time. This G&L popped up 30x48" table, 36" cross travel, 40mm spindle taper. It seems like it's in solid shape and has some tooling and paperwork.

My concern is it looks like it is mainly designed to run tape over manual controls. I might be able to convert it to serial CNC, but that's not a skill set I have, and I'd need to learn.

If anyone here ran one back in the day, I'd appreciate your insight. Not much online about them.

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FYI, I passed on this machine and am looking for a Develieg as the support is better.
I think you’re wise there. It looked like quite a task to convert the machine to a more manual system of operation. There are plenty of DeVlieg’s out there. I’m not sure if anybody is making spare parts anymore but probably somebody will have bough the rights to them.
Having said they didn’t sell all that well over here. Being a spindle only machine and not having a built in facing slide counted against them.

Regards Tyrone
I have run a Giddings & Lewis 4JE> Early generation NC with ball screws triple vertical ways and 1 pc bed.
I have a Giddings Lewis 25T and it is around 9,000 pounds.
It is perfect for my large hobby shop. It has a ton of levers
to control things, not as simple as modern ones.
But I think DeVliegs are built more precise, I was assume
they are.