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Threading problems.


Jan 7, 2023
I have an old Ranalah English wheel which I’m trying to get back into service. The threaded rod for the lower anvil adjuster binds and is unusable. I removed it with great difficulty and measured the thread as 5/8-11 SAE. This is an English machine made during the 1930s so I’m guessing it should take a British Standard Whitworth thread. Again I’m guessing someone must have replaced the rod for some reason and used an incorrect rod. I purchased a 5/8-11 BSW die and threaded a new 5/8 inch rod and while it fits better, it eventually binds. Maybe the threads in the hole got buggered up? Should I get a 5/8-11 BSW tap and clean out the hole? Any thoughts? Thank you!
Identifying a Whitworth thread should be easy if you inspect it carefully. Whitworth threads are round on the roots and crests. So if you see flat surfaces and not round, that's your first clue if it's SAE or Metric and not Whitworth. The second is Whitworth uses a 55 degree thread form instead of 60. If your gauge doesn't fit quite right or you see gaps, again, could mean it's Whitworth.

After that you can make an educated decision on what to use to chase threads.