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Tida lathe


Jim Harris

I used to own one. It's a decent little machine for an import. They were Taiwanese rather than Chinese (at least mine was) so quality was fairly good.

Jet used to sell them also. In fact, I have an old Jet catalog in which my very model was featured...under the "Jet" brandname as I recall. Still have the catalog around someplace. Might be able to find it and email you the pic and specs if it helps you.


Apr 16, 2018
Hi I bought one yesterday in excellent condition with many accessories I look at all the gears has no wear at all nice small lathe model TD-5AA let me know if you need more info the only thing I saw main belt is joint with some kind wire.


Jan 15, 2002
West Coast, USA
I looked at one years ago, maybe 12" swing. Seemed a simple design, reasonably well built. The one I looked at had the rattle in the drive pulley that showed up in both direct and back gear operaton - no lube over the years. The lubrication point wasn't all that obvious and it had been neglected over the years.

Not a fatal flaw -- it could have been re-bushed.

Lathe Nut

Nov 14, 2007
I have the TD4A they are very well built machine and heavy, got it Craig's like with a lot of tooling several chucks, face plate only Missing the follow rest and sure whish I could fine me on, you will enjoy it, I am told that Jet parts will fit them, mine is a 1083 year build, I am going to scan and post them for the group if would be acceptable,Joe

Dale Mitchell

May 6, 2023
Probably too late to help but I gave $3200.00 for an identical lathe. So far, in my limited knowledge it’s a decent lathe.


Jan 17, 2008
asheboro nc
I have a tida 5aa 12"x36" build date 1984 and I got it
from wttool in charlotte in 1984 late. Did not get a
follow rest with it. Only problems I've had I ran the
back leg of the saddle and bent a tooth on the rack
gear and tooth that runs on the rack gear in the
apron. Was able to get the gear for the apron from
wt tool and got metric rack and fitted it . Has been
a great gunsmithing lathe for me. OWLSHOP