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Time to choose one of four taps, at this point I might go for a name ?


Jun 7, 2012
Which 9mm-1.0 tap for some 304 for a depth of no more than 3/8".
Is a one time deal for a HSS tap going to look as good as a coated tap?

That tap is $35 from Guhring.
If you wanna buy cheap, you can get a piece of shit china tap for $14.

Get the Guhring, don't buy cheap china shit.


Feb 8, 2005
Hatch, NM Chile capital of the WORLD
just the other day i was telling somebody i never saw a m9 thread and probably never will. weird.

Top of the struts on Datsun Z cars.

Of course I lost one... Down to the hardware store.. Bought a 10, that wasn't it.
bought an 8.. That wasn't it.

Only time I've ever had to go to the junk yard to get a single nut. Within a year,
I had a bag full of them.


Hot Rolled
Nov 8, 2017
a 3-phase motor doesn't reverse instantaneously.

As a youngster I had a large batch of mild steel parts to drill & tap 1/4-20, doing both operations before moving to the next part. Before long I got impatient. When Fred came by to check, I was drilling & tapping at 1200 rpm, throwing the BP into reverse when the tap got within a couple threads of the bottom. It sure seemed to be instantaneous.


Nov 23, 2003
Beaumont, TX, USA
If you are worried about it sitting in a drawer forever and forever, never again being used,

E-Bay the sucker.

Sell if at a fixed price of 50% to 75% of what you paid and let it sit until it sells. Sooner or later someone will want it. But it could take a while.