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Tips or Tricks to get a gear off a shaft

52 Ford

May 20, 2021
That 52 pickup on a modern driveline Explorer chassis would be absolutely gold!

The only snag is that it's full-time AWD. I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, GREAT traction, but shitty burnouts and not-as-decent gas millage (which matters since gas cost like $5 a gallon...f'n BRANDON! :D) Maybe swap out the T-case for something else and add a locker front diff and locking hubs. I'd probably run Holley EFI, or maybe something else that's similar (OBVIOUSLY keeping a Ford motor)

By the way, the fact that you're not putting a Mopar or GM product in your Ford earned my respect LOL

Tired of seeing LS engines swapped into EVERYTHING. They work, but I'd rather a Ford with a Ford, Mopar with a Mopar, etc... That's just me, though.