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Titanium Machining


Dec 8, 2022
1) When. Titanium machining with coolant through tools ( Brother milling sales person says it need coolant through tools ,with flood coolants we can machine it( we are using a lot of 1 mm and. 0.5 mm diameter tools for titanium . Is it ok using non coolant tools ? Any comments regarding titanium machining ?
2) Lot of micro particles chips found in coolant tank and machine filter too( running titanium machining in Brother Speedio) Replaced filter ,clean tank .( after cleaning tank and replaced. filter I have added stainless steel mesh (40 size ) two layer and one filter pad and coolant paper(20 micron filter paper ) over coolant tray. Now do any one thinks CYCLONE FILTER may be best solution ? what else I can add for a better solution for filtration ?
3) We are using synergy 735 coolant for titanium machining production. Is it good ? any pro /cons ? what refractometer reading should i keep for titanium ?
4) our machine has a spindle cooling unit over our machine, but should we also need to add any coolant system ( because currently we running machine mostly 15000 RPM , titanium machining, coolant through tools machining ) if need a coolant cooling system which system is good ?
5) we planning to buy 80 more cnc milling machine- like a automation machine shop. so which is some nice centralized coolant system what pro and cons ? any recommendation ?
6) we cutting titanium plate and holding in a vaccum control table ( we made this vaccum control fixture in house , this plate has lot of grove in both side, and 4 open pocket (which open on second setting ) but then vaccum pressure getting los due to some vaccum leakage, Any tips and advices.
Please share your thoughts , ideas , tips , recommendation's


May 11, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, USA
High pressure (1000PSI or better) TSC is beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. Better coolant filtration helps with tool life, but is not absolutely necessary.
For seven years I cut Ti bone plates on a 15,000 RPM Haas, using flood coolant for most of it, and it had sucky filtration. I could get five hours of life from a Helical 1/2" endmill doing dynamic roughing in Ti6Al4V-ELI at recommended parameters in a shrink fit holder with flood coolant (Hangsterfer's 5080). I used the spindle load sensor to alarm out when the tool was dull. The machine had no chiller of any kind, but was in a well temperature controlled environment.

For vacuum fixtures, replace the gasket once a day, or maybe even once per shift. If held compressed constantly it will temporarily lose elasticity. After letting it relax for a while you can probably reuse it a few times.