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Tool Identification - What does this thing do?


Sep 7, 2004
I forget where I got this and came across it in my recent barn cleanout. I can't figure out what it may have been used for and wonder if any of you folks might know. There is drive shaft in the base that when turned, rotates both chucks at a similar speed so no gear drive to increase rpms at the chuck. It is adjustable in the z axis but there is no feed for either chuck so I presume the workpiece was pushed into them simultaneously which seems weird. Anybody have any ideas what it may be used for?100_0650.JPG


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Is it mounted to the board? I'm thinking something for lapping/reaming pistons? Something requiring linear motion with not a lot of power/rigidity. I think the simultaneous horizontal/vertical spindle movement was just a usage option. Use one or the other, and them moving at once was likely for ease/economy of manufacturing, as they could leave out any kind of shifter/selector mechanism.

There was a Reynolds electric mfg. co. in Chicago at some point. Perhaps it has something to do with motor service? Like winding coils or reaming bearing?
Reynolds Chicago
more then likely the two item are unrelated from there intended purposes . i think m.b. naegle is on to something [(mechanical switches for old light-bulb signs). Perhaps it's part of one of those mechanism's?] it could vary well be a drive unit for one or a test bed to set up or test a unit . its interesting how things start off mechanical then elecromechanical then electronic [tubes] to solid state so whats after that bio its alive ? dam my phone died i did not feed it a fly !
Complete speculation here. I think this was some sort of winding or baling device. The whatever-it-is rides loosely in the brackets mounted on the base. It looks like the brackets themselves are spring-loaded for a few inches of automatic radius adjustment as whatever-it-is gets loaded up. The "chucks" are friction drivers for the whatever-it-is, and also possibly guide rollers for whatever gets loaded on the core. I am assuming the drivers rotate in a compatible direction; that would be good to confirm. The Z adjustment is so you can get the whatever-it-is in and out of the brackets.
So, maybe for winding fence wire or barbed wire onto spools?
Thanks for the replies! The holding parts of this thing are very light duty, bent sheet metal and thumb screws so whatever it was used for was nothing heavy duty. I can't imagine it being used for barb wire as it could only deal with a few feet at a time. I have moved it to a different storage location and will be there today so I'll look at rotation of the chucks.