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Tool Length Help with Brother TC-S2A-O A00 Control


Aug 10, 2013
Chicago, IL
Hi Everyone!

I have an old Brother that was set up "improperly" IMO that I am trying to set straight. All the tool lengths are like 14" long in the offset registers and the G10 at the top of the programs are like Z-6". The "Auto T/L Offset" parameter in switch 1 was 0".

Here is what I tried to do:

1) Enter in 13.4" into the "Auto T/L Offset" parameter because that is the distance from the table to the top of my part. We only run this one part on the machine so I figger it is fine to leave it and always touch off tools to the top of the part.
2) Bring Tool 1 down to the top of the part and hit the "Auto Set" button

BUT at that moment it says the machine position is 12.4", resulting in a would-be tool length of -1" The tool is actually bout 6" long. I would have expected the machine position to be 13.4" + the length of the tool (6"), so something like 19.4"

Can anyone help me with this please? I am hoping to get to a point where the tool length register values = the distance from the gage line to the tool tip, the Auto T/L Offset parameter = the distance from the table to the top of the part, and the G10Z0 value to also be the distance from the top of the table to the top of the part. That's how it is on my other Brothers.

Thank you!


Feb 24, 2007
Is your Z in your work offset set to zero or is there a number in it? If you set the Z to zero and retouch a tool you will probably see a tool length more like you would expect to see. Dont forget to write the number down in case I am wrong and you need to reinsert it.


Hot Rolled
Sep 16, 2006
Long Island, New York
I can do a step-by-step later, kind of swamped right now.

In Data Bank -> User Parameter-> Switch 1 -> Auto Tool Length Offset: This is where I put the number from the top of the table to where I will be getting tool heights from. I have a 4.350" thick pallet and use an indicator that zeros at 4" on top of that, so it's always 8.350" in here for me.
In Data Bank -> Working Zero Pos.: I go to the Z address, take a tool I made which I know is 5" from gage line to tip, touch it off the top of my piece (or wherever 0 is programmed), hit Auto Set and where it says "Absolute Position After Set" I put 5". Since I have a 5" long tool there, that's what I want it to be.

Hope I didnt miss anything. I'll check in later