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Tool/MRO crib/cage access and inventory tracking solutions


Oct 18, 2017
I can't believe I work for a multi-billion dollar company and our facility is stuck in the stone ages by hand writing tickets to check out tools and other MRO items.

Since this company doesn't replace people when they leave, responsibilities get divided amongst the rest.

We had a full time attendant that could at least monitor people taking things and making sure they sign tickets but they're gone and now another person works part time in there but obviously people need access all day so it becomes a nut roll to hunt down the keys to unlock the door. Then keys get lost, etc.

We have RFID cards to get into the plant so I have a plan and quote to fix access problems with RFID access.

Next is inventory. What are you guys doing to monitor and track stuff being taken if you have an unstaffed cage? My last employer (auto mnfg) had a person RFID tagging each and every thing so as you walked out the door, a sensor could track everything you grabbed (mostly MRO stuff. Tools and higher dollar items worked OTC through Oracle. Basically like ordering things on Amazon. I could reserve it on Oracle then walk half a mile in the plant to go pick it up.). We can't do that here because I'm sure that system is expensive. We have a boat load of 2D/UPC scanners I could use. I was thinking of printing barcode labels to stick on incoming materials then scan into an Excel spreadsheet when checking out. Wondering if there's a better solution besides Excel? Eventually it would be nice to get this automated into Oracle but I just want to take it one step at a time. Otherwise, our purchaser has to manually generate POs to reorder items which is very time consuming.



Dec 19, 2022
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