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Tool Setting questions: Puma 4002LC


Feb 15, 2006
Republic of Texas
New to us 2005 Puma 400LC, Fanuc 21i-TB. Does not have a tool setter. Having some difficulties setting tool geometry offsets.
Does this machine have to home in both axis upon power up? This is a problem as the splash shields are fucked up.DSCF1290.JPG Don't really want to home Z if I can keep from it.

There is a pretty good explanation for setting G54 in a training manual by Doug Rizzo:
1. Move tool to desired Z position.
2. MDI G54 T0101
3. Bring up work shift tables
4. Scroll to G54 Z data block
5. Press TOOL MEASURE button on control panel(says to hold for 2 seconds)
6. Key in Z_______
7. Press MEASUR soft key.
8. Absolute display shows desired Z position.

After establishing a Z point G54, I set tool geometry offsets using this procedure:
1. Activate T0101
2. Bring tool down to work.
3. Touch off end of part.
4. Key in that value Z______
5. Press measure soft key.
6. Absolute position displays the desired Z position.
7. Test cut OD, measured, and repeat 3 and 4.
8. Absolute position displays the desired X value. Sometimes have to press the TOOL MEASURE button to get desired value.
9. Repeated for other tools. All good.
Ran parts with no surprises.

Powered up this morning and homed X. MDI T0101, absolute displays correct X values. Z is off by several inches. Did the G54 procedure and Z position is desired position.

So how do you with this TOOL MEASURE button, set your tools?


Jan 28, 2008
I think you have your cart before your horse! If you are touching all your tools off the face of your part you do not need the G54 work offset, I would touch off all your tools on the face of your chuck, then pick-up your G54 work offset from the face of the part.


Sep 25, 2010
WCS (G54 etc) provides a baseline coordinate system.
It cannot be correct for all tools because all tools have different sizes and geometry.
You need to add to it what is called geometry offset for each tool independently.
You are probably doing a similar thing, but possibly in an incorrect sequence.

Machines with absolute encoders do not need homing after power up.