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Tools and supplies for scraping

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Sep 23, 2002
Lawrenceville GA USA
This sticky is for me to place lists of tools and supplies that members have recommended for scraping. I make no personal claims to the accuracy of this information as I have just copied it from the members posts.


Stones used for stoning surfaces to remove burrs created by scraping tool. These are suggested by Richard King.

Item Quick View: 00579425

In Stock
Price: $15.51 ea.
Item Notes
MSDS Available
Sharpening Stones; Stone Material: Aluminum Oxide; Overall Width/Diameter (Inch): 1-3/4; Overall Length (Inch): 4-1/2; Overall Thickness (Inch): 1/4; Shape: Round Edge Slip; Grade: Medium MSC Part #:00579425 Brand:Norton Big Book Page #:1054 Mfr Part #:61463687150

Same one but cheaper:
Home / Abrasives / Files, Sticks & Stones / Stones / Sharpening Stones / #05111265 Print Email Page
Made in USA - Sharpening Stones Stone Material: Aluminum Oxide Overall Width/Diameter (Inch): 1-3/4
Price: $11.23 ea.


Canode Ink

This was suggested by Matt;

Canode Die Spotting Ink - Volk Corporation

Also see the products suggested in this thread:



Scrapers hand and power

Dapra is well-known.
Power Scraping Accessories & Aids | DAPRA

Rich King has provided this link to a brochure about Dapra scrapers and how the various blades are used.

Biax Scraper Literature - 1991

In addition here is another link for a Biax brochure of useful information:

Resources - Tools 4 Machines


Anderson Bros have their own website. I think they are also sold thru McMaster Carr. The carbide is totally unprepared when new and while decent, I don't think its quite as good as Sandvik.
Anderson Brothers Manufacturing in Rockford, IL Original Solid Shank Scraper and Model 5 Tubular Scrapers with High Speed Steel and Carbide Tipped Blades.


Also Richard King sells power scrapers and other similar tools from his buisiness

Machine Scraping | Cottage Grove, MN


Also TGTool has suggested this company, you can read his description:

E.S. Dyjack Company, Inc.
3801 Stobart Road
Milford, MI 48380
ph (248) 684-4260
fax (248) 684-4261
toll free (888) ES-DYJACK (373-9525)

He seems to have just a series of sales sheets for Biax, Busch, Challenge and King-Way, Rulon, Diamant/Moglice, Anderson, Glendo, Canode, Dykem and other stuff. He says, "We repair and calibrate most brands of indicators and other precision measuring devices." I've purchased from him over the phone - nice guy and good service.


Tools for sharpening or honing scrapers

A few members have suggested using diamond plated lapping discs mounted on homemade backing plates for sharpening, they are available from may sources and I have included a photo of the product listed on ebay as an example. They may be purchased from many sources.


If you want to see some homemade tools and other suggestions please see the items in this link:



For straight edges and other instrument aids this company is recomended, they are not the only company but they are recomended by PM members.

Also one of our members casts and offers his own straight edges and other tools. He has a good reputation and some of his products are unique.
His contact information will be listed below.

Try this link to eBay https://www.ebay.com/usr/fotodoc?_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2559

Or look up the seller fotodoc on eBay to see what he has available or to contact him directly through his eBay page.


Richard King offers classes on scraping technique and other aspects of machine rebuilding. Here is a brief description of how his classes are organized:

I want to explain some facts or terms that are used by the organizers and by I that may have some confused who are signing up for the classes.

Just to clarify the class (s).

If you are taking one of my classes for the first time:
It is 3 day class, plus 2 more days if you sign up for 2 extra days. Not exactly a basic and advanced class.

The February Class in Texas is called an Advanced class because the majority of the students have taken the first 5 day basic class. Now they will be rebuilding a machine under my supervision. We have a couple of students attending that did not take the first class, so they will be taking the basic class..

My classes for years were 5 day 40 hour weekday classes when I taught the classes at large companies and not to hobbyists. They learned to scrape to 40 PPI which took an extra 2 days.

When I was asked to teach hobbyists, I started to teach 3 day weekend classes of 10 to 12 hour days. I condensed the class down to 30 to 36 hours as many students could not attend week day classes because they had a full time job. I cut the number of points to 20 PPI as many will never need to know how to scrape 40 PPI and now most can practice this on here own after the class.

We started having a 3 day, 30 hour weekend class that is a basic information class where I teach hand and power scraping so you will know how to scrape a surface plate to 20 points per 1" (PPI), This usually takes 15 hours, Then we show you how to align a lathe using a level, how to scrape and test a gib, how to apply Rulon wear strip material and scrape it and then you will scrape or start to scrape a project that could be a angle block, straight edge, lathe compound which takes 15 hours. We have several Q & A sessions and Demo's. All under my supervision. One fee. 3 day crash course.

Then if you want more supervised help on a project you sign up and pay for 2 extra days or another 20 hours or 2 days. Many times you may not have your own project so we furnish one. The class is designed to give you a 5 day Crash course in machine rebuilding, so you can go home and have the confidence to do a repair of your machines. Please note I have had several students go home and rebuild a Bridgeport, Monarch EE lathe, CNC VMC's, etc. As a student of mine you can always call me and ask for advice.

Then in the future if you want to take another class like the Texas class students wanted, we will have an Advanced 5 day class.



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