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Toyoda/Wele code for abnormal lube pressure

Jones Inc.

Jun 28, 2023
Good Friday morning! So our Toyoda/Wele mill model VB-315 has recently been throwing 2 codes that I am unable to find anything on and Toyoda customer service is not very resourceful I should say,,
Anyway the 2 codes are a 2025 Abnormal lube pressure and will continue to run, seems to pop up about every 40 minutes or so, every now and then a EX1113 code with same description will pop up and the controller needs to be reset. Does anyone have any insight on what the cause could be? all ways are receiving lube and seems proper, however the pressure gauge on the lube tank does not read anything during operation and I'm assuming it probably should. If I hold the prime button in, the needle on the gauge will climb in the green area until almost the yellow then must time out or something, not sure. Appreciate any help!