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Trading with a sane president...

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Perhaps the worlds best milk..
MOO-Ville Creamery - 16 Photos - Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt - 5875 S M 66 Hwy, Nashville, MI - Phone Number - Yelp

It is a little expensive perhaps near $4.00 (perhaps over) along side a bottle of common milk that might be less than $3.oo.

They just got into Meijers (a big chain of Michigan stores)

May go there for an ice cream today.. going that way for grand daughter's gymnastcs competion.

If we claim free trade the Canada should be an open market for out milk.. As long as it is good milk.

True story.. Chrysler was going to take a manufacturing plant out of Canada.. On the QT a Canadian big wig called Chrysler and said If that plant goes I will recommend we boycott every thing you make.. It never made the news but the plant stayed in Canada.. Canada likes to protect Jobs .. good for Canada.. Finally we are doing the same

Turn around is fair play so any country restricting our products should get restricted back. Somebody needs to have the ball to sat that.

They are in Indiana too, I think in several northern states. In FL, milk is almost $4/gallon for the record...
Did not make it to Moo-Ville but went to Cullvers for ice cream..
Grand daughter took top score for floor out of perhaps 300 girls..
No she is not an Olympic contender but very good on floor. She missed State finals..

Picked up a Rockler straight edge and added a Maxor saw for panel long cuts.. will use this until I can fabricate a box collector to run the panel saw up to the dust collector.

No time for the news so don't know what Trump did this weekend...

Agree some pick on Gordon too harshly..
What's the bottle cap next to the cup of mud from?

Gravy on steak???? My God Man!!! Might as well just whip
out the Ketchup, or Catsup. Kind of like my Mom did the first time
she gave me liver.. "Its 'special' steak".. "No.. It's F'n gross",
"Shut up and put more Ketchup on it".

What kind of red wine?

I like gravy on my CFS ....

Otherwise my standard reply when asked if I want gravy or "steak" sauce on/with my steak is "Why, what's wrong with it?"

Shoot ... now I'm hungry.
The flip side? Canadian dairy farmers are supported, can make a living of it, don't have to cut corners to make ends meet and the quality and safety of the product remains consistent.

Canadian regulation has been consistent over the years, with the result that farms have remained, farmers have confidence in the system and will remain farmers.

that's what the brochure says. It fails to mention quotas worth more than the farms, the huge volumes of milk dumped in the ditch etc. There are other ways to make farming work and help farmers if that necessarily, gov supported insurance, access to stable loans, heck if just give them money if need be.....but central planning is never a good thing. I grew up on a farm, there is nothing more BS the all the ______ marketing boards we have for farming that set quotas and prices. Our trade partners should be pissed....provided they first clean up their own acts.
They are in Indiana too, I think in several northern states. In FL, milk is almost $4/gallon for the record...

Southern Illinois, it's $0.97/gal at Walmart Right now and the same at CVS. Prarie Farms or Deans is a little more expensive, but not over $2/gallon unless you buy milk at a Gas Station.
The South Africans make some decent wines. Their Pinotage can be good, and because of relatively lengthy growing periods. Their Sauvignon Blanc can be very good - ditto for Chenin Blanc if you like that sort of thing. But why bother with the likes of SA when you have France and the USA? On balance we here in America make the best wines on earth. We do it at a decent price point. France is a very strong second place. Boy, I sure do hate it that the transplant surgeon is dour bastard. He won't let me drink anything - absolutely zero. I miss the hell out of good ale, scotch, bourbon, martinis, and a good cigar or bowl of a superb pipe tobacco. At least he hasn't taken women off the menu! My lovely wife has always been a good sport about that. She knows I simply cannot refrain from chattin-up the ladies. Just in me and has to come out[emoji41]

BTW, a steak should properly be a American grass-fed Black Angus or Hereford ribeye or KC Strip. I think we here in Oklahoma and our neighbors in Kansas and the Texas Hill Country grow the best beef. IMHO. You ought to see the animals outside my LR window - big, shimmering black, fat, sleek healthy animals grazing on knee-high grass. Beautiful.

One should NEVER cook a steak beyond "medium" and "medium-rare" is best. Whenever possible, grill your steaks on a Mesquite Wood fire or Applewood in the alternative. Put NOTHING on a steak aside from salt/pepper except Bernaise Sauce, and then only if it is flawlessly prepared. The only sides worth bothering with are a baked potato and/or asparagus spears. Always drink a big, muscular red like a great cab, a jammy Petite Syrah, or a good Mendoza Malbec like "El Felino" from Paul Hobbs. Stags Leap is a great Cab too.

Oh yeah, I like a good dinner salad with Bleu Cheese from Denmark! Beware imitations.

[emoji111] Squire
Trump eats his well done with ketchup...cooked on propane.

Colorado has the best lamb in the world...and good beef as well.
The girl in Cheboygan Mi who processes my venison says beef grass-fed or grain-fed smells different from each other..Go figure she is cutting cows al day long so she should know..

Wonder if Republicans smell different than Democrats. Don't know never smelt one.. and in can hardly find smelt anymore.
Google Image Result for https://www.msc.org/multimedia/images/certified-species/smelt

Republican college girls smell like rich Dads and wine coolers.
Democrat college girls either smell like hard work or patchouli.
Anthony Bourdain sure likes Quebec,

i'll be there tomorrow for a meeting...unfortunately in and out, no meals :). Our Quebecois friends do have a little different way with many things that can be really nice.....just a bit more alive and outgoing.

As for the best steaks, I bet Ries would agree, its Argentina all the way.....of course with Chimichurri sauce
Buddy Phil fried up some Bobcat back straps.. He said they smelled like cat pee so he tossed them before I got back to camp. The cabin did smell a bit but he should have saved me a taste.
Another note:
; The old cabin finally got mice after about 12 years old..so Phil stayed up half the night with a flash light and the 22 popping mice.
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