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Transfer Programs to GE Fanuc Series OM Control over RS232


Jul 25, 2021
I have a year 2000 GE Fanuc Series OM Control and I am trying to transfer programs over RS232 using Cimco. I can use the Punch function under Edit->Program->Punch and then type in the program name and have successfully transferred programs from the control into Cimco on my computer. The options on this softkey menu are "entry" "search" "delete" "read" and "punch". all of these soft keys will allow you to enter a program number after you hit them except the "read" key it just says "read ->input" and there is no option to enter a program number and no "LSK" blinking to show the control is ready to except a new program. How do I get the control in to reading mode so I can send the program over Cimco?
You must be in Edit mode when you hit the read softkey. After pushing read you should get the LSK, unless you have something else going on.
Also Is the I/O channel set to 1
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Also, your machine may have an Edit Lock switch. Make sure it is not on. I believe you can send but not receive with Edit Lock on.