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Tree 310--X & Y jogs to reference, but Z won't move--help!! Also need manual...


Jan 9, 2018
Northern Utah, USA
I have a Tree 310 Vertical CNC Mill with Dynapath 20 controller. It sat in my shop for 3 years until I got a RPC and hooked it up last week. I'm trying to sell it, and wanted to ensure that it worked.

I don't have a programming manual, but I did get the start up instructions and information on jogging each axis to the reference point.

I was able to move the table to line up the X and Y axis points, but the end of the quill is projecting about 3/4 inch past the reference point, and won't move. Also, the spindle and lube pumps doesn't appear to work.

If I try to reference it in it's current position, will it maybe cause the Z to be able to be jogged and the spindle to turn on?

At any rate, any advice would be appreciated, plus if anyone has a copy of the operation and programming manual they could provide me it would be greatly appreciated.


Utah Smitty