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Tree ZPS VMC 500 with PC2100 (Acramatic 2100) control Alarm 40-33


Oct 30, 2015
Albany, Oregon
I have a problem with a 1996 Tree ZPS VMC 500 with the PC2100 control which is basically the same as the Acramatic 2100.

Last week I started getting an alarm 40-33. I do not have a wiring diagram for this machine, if someone has one that would be fantastic if they would be willing to share.

The first time this error showed up was during a tool change. Rebooted the machine and it ran parts for the rest of the day. The following day ran flawlessly for the first hour or two and this alarm showed up again during a tool change. At this point, I check resistance coils on the pneumatic solenoids for the tool changer they seemed okay but since I had some need in the box I replaced them for good measure. The machine ran for a bit then the same error.

Now as soon as you start the mech alignment of the tool carousel the alarm comes up. The machine will allow us to align all three of the axis which leads me to believe the RT board hasn't failed or had its battery go too low. If I align the axis but do not move the tool carousel the machine will sit idle for hours without this alarm showing up. I have checked the proximity sensors on the tool carousel and they appear to function correctly. The 24V DC power supply output is reading 24v as expected. I have removed the tool carousel motor that rotates the carousel and checked that the carousel rotates freely, motor is 230V with a 230v brake. I have a motor on order and expect it today but I am starting to think this is a 24v circuit/component issue, not a 230 AC.