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Trim sol/e206 with high pressure coolant


Oct 20, 2019
Does anyone run trim sol or e206 in a machine with a high pressure (1000 psi) system? We are getting a VTL that the mfg. says not to use synthetic coolant and to be careful with using semi-synthetic because the high alkalinity may attack the adhesive on the bearing material of the box ways. I'm looking at using one of these trim coolants since they are straight emulsions but wanted to see if anyone has had foaming issues with these at high pressure. Thanks
I hated the E206. It smells like finger paint to me. When that tank went bad I switched it to Qualichem 251c. Also trying Sterlingcool 77 in the lathe. Both of those I am happy with.
Smells like work to me I love it.

Hah! Pig farmers say their places smell like money, at least they used to say that.

The other day I said I couldn't recall foaming issues but now I'm sure we had none. For sure the smell got old after a while to my nose. But I think any coolant would.

Been around screw machines running neat oil for a good while now. I sure don't miss the soluble oil smell. Had some personal stuff stored at the shop and it still smells.