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Trode Trouble shooting

Butch Doyle

Feb 6, 2024
Hi. I'm familiar with sinker edm's. I however haven't run a sinker edm. The place I am at has a sinker that its primary function is to remove broken taps and drills. We are having problems with the graphite trode wearing out before it gets much depth into the broken drill. It creates a horrible taper on the trode and actually starts burning out the side of the part. Granted, these are small drills. About an 1/8". Would anyone have a suggestion on how to alleviate the problem? Change the trode material. Change the settings? I don't know where to begin. I know we want to keep the cost down. Thank you for any help you may be able to give. It is a Mitsubishi edm sinker.
Do you have the operator's manual for your machine? If not, can you find it online?

The easiest starting point for me.
I don't. I only have a manual for settings. But not for trouble shooting. I will look online for the user manual.
Copper tubing so you can flush and check your settings against those in the manual.
I have never run a sinker, but it almost sounds like you are running with a negative electrode. Doesn't this cause excessive wear of the electrode?

I could totally have this backwards.
Thank you everyone for your advice. I did some more searching and found the manual. I'm going to try copper trode with proper settings. They say they tried before but I don't think they had the proper settings. Again, thank you!
We have an EX8 also so I can give you specifics if I know exactly what you are trying to do. Are you trying to preserve the 1/8 hole (so just trying to burn the drill out) or is the size of the hole unimportant? How deep is the drill buried int he part? Can you flush through the electrode?
First thing is confirm HSS or carbide. It absolutely makes a difference.
If its plain old HSS just use the ESPER page and set ECond accordingly. If your using tube then use CU-St settings. If it were me , Id grab .110" single channel brass tube and flush thru the center. Since your new to the machine make sure Fuzzy is on.
I own a shop full of Mits machines, should be a piece of cake.

Busted drills & reamers need babysitting. They burn great until they don't, usually need to be blown out occasionally.