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Troubleshooting a Rosselli #2 punch press


Apr 19, 2024
Cleveland, OH
Seeking suggestions on trouble shooting a Rosselli (sp?) #2 punch press. After an absence of almost 2 years, I returned to my former employer to instruct someone on the press. It uses a combination of air and 110 volt to cycle the press, controlled with a foot pedal. Every thing worked before, and the fly wheel turns, but does not respond to the foot switch. I don't see any obvious trouble inside the foot switch, clean shiny contacts. Power and air pressure are confirmed present. Anyone have experience with the care and feeding of this thing? Thank you for your replies and I apologize for my clueless description.
Air clutch presses typically use a Ross valve. Ross valves often have a plastic valve disc inside that disintegrates after awhile. if this is the case, you google the valve # and order a rebuild kit for your valve.

Mechanical clutch machines will use a Mac type valve and an air cylinder to run the clutch cylinder.

Lots of electro-pneumo-mechanical interlocks on presses. If you don't have a wiring diagram and/or don't know how to troubleshoot this stuff it may be a good idea to call a pro in.
Just spittballin' here, so buckle up.

I deal with this crap daily.

First thing I check in the lube level.
Then the air pressure.
Then the missfeed detector.
Then the brake monitor.
Then the light curtain. ( I fucking detest light curtains)

If it's non of these things, call the millwright. I have other shit to do besides work on a sixty year old punch press.

Good luck.