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Troubleshooting OKK mill alarm: setup a tool number again.


Sep 5, 2022
The machine is an OKK Vm4III vertical mill with a Fanuc series 180is-mb control. The alarm message is : Setup a tool number again(Japanese writing), T5. The Japanese translates to,"please reset the tool number"

The scenerio in which the alarm occurred is that I was running an automatic tool probing program and pressed the reset button by accident while nagigating menus during the program. The tool changer was changing between two tools when I pressed reset. It stopped mid change before it grabbed the tools. I went into the custom menu and sent the pot back up and the arm back into its starting position, but then this alarm was up and nothing I try clears it and I don't even really understand what it wants me to do.

Somehow the company I work for has every okk manual under the sun except for one that tells us OKK specific alarms for this machine and how to troubleshoot them. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with okk knows this alarm and how to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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The problem has been solved. It required clearing all tool numbers in the custom>tool magazine menu(including spindle, clearing the alarm, then repopulating the tool numbers.