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Tschudin HTG 610 Spark-out Time help


Apr 25, 2013
I am looking for some help fixing a problem with my Tschudin HTG 610 grinder. The spark-out time control stopped working. After some investigation, I found that the time delay relay went bad. However, the problem seems to go deeper. The time delay relay is triggered by a Hydraulic pressure switch that is supposed to get actuated at the end of the in-feed. The problem I have is that this Hydraulic switch closes as soon as I turn on the Hydraulic pump. There is no change in the state of the switch throughout the entire grinding cycle.

The hoses that connect the hydraulic switch plate at the rear of the machine run right under the bed toward the front. I am guessing that there is a mechanism behind the cross-advance hand wheel that is supposed to control the hydraulic switch at the end of the stroke, but the hand-wheel diagram is one of the only ones that is missing from my manual. Does anybody have experience with this machine and know where this mechanism is and how to access it?

Thanks in advance,