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Tsugami NU 4B Twin Spindle CNC Lathe

Camshaft Carl

Aug 31, 2007
Hi, Does anyone have or know anyone with one of these Tsugami twin spindle machines ? Mine is a 1988 model and has C axis and live tooling as well as the sub spindle . It uses a Fanuc OTB control .
I have all the parts books from Tsugami for the machine and sub spindle assembly. As this documentation is original Tsugami I am reasonably sure the sub spindle was an option when the machine was purchased new in the UK.
My problem is that when the machine was shipped to Australia the back up battaries were removed.
The machine is actualy working ok however has a few issues that I suspect may be some missing parameters .
My list of parameters does not includde the 800 ones and I am told a back up battary failier could cause the machine to loose some of these.
I am also told the only way to get this list is to copy them by hand as they do not save from the machine control ? Not sure if this is he case or not.
If anyone could help with any info on these it would be much appreciated . Also any M code info for the sub spindle would be helpfull.There is no info on the sub spindle in the oppertors manual or the Fanuc OTB manual .
The main issue I am having is that the sub spindle brake is staying on when the spindle is engaged. Also for some reason the speed command for the chuck does not repond to the input. It works fine on the main spindle (which is how the sub spindles rpm is set. They are coupled togeather when the sub is called up with an M74 )
Soon as the sub spindle engages the speed runs at about 65 rpm and the brake comes on. The load meter shows exsevive load when the chucks rotate .
I do have the original opperators machine manual and as I said above all the parts books . Happy to share these with anyone who needs a copy.
Thanks in advance .