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Tube bending Troubles


May 11, 2022
Hey everyone I'm currently working on a solar powered project car for my university's competition team. We already have the majority of the frame done but are stuck at the roll cage. The roll uses tubes that are 1.625 outer diameter chromoly steel with a wall thickness of 0.083. Does anyone happen to know somebody in Georgia ,preferably in the Marietta area, that has a two bender with 1- 5/8 inch size die, we can hire to bend the tubes for us. I've already contacted local machine shops and drag race shops but those places either want to sell me stock, or have a turnaround time 6 weeks out.


Feb 27, 2001
Redwood City, CA USA
6 weeks out is not out of line in any way. Even in "normal" times.

Part of the learning at college is scheduling & planning.

20-20 hindsight is wonderful, and the student probably already has it. The student came here asking for help, not a scolding. If you can't think of a shop that might be able to help, then say so.