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Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association show next weekend (July 08-11)


Apr 6, 2013
Damascus, MD
This coming weekend, opening Thursday at noon, there will be the traditional show at Tuckahoe.
Plenty to see, including a few new stationary gas engines.

For what regards the Machine Shop Museum, there will be a few demos, some will be hands-on for the visitors.

New for this year, weather permitting, we will have a casting demo as well.

There are also several old machines seeking a new owner. Some are fully functioning and fully accessorized, others are restoration projects at various degrees of completion.

The list includes Van Norman 1/2 with a set of collets and three arbors, a 14x6 Hendey Tiebar lathe, a Rockwell grinder (3 ph), a fully functioning and well equipped Flather lathe (it was used in the Museum's shop before we upgraded to a 19" LeLbond Regal raised to 23"), a F.E. Reed lathe, an Edlun upright drill with MT2 spindle, and a cute but sturdy power hacksaw.


See you there!

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