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Turn- Mill Controller / Machine recommendation


Cast Iron
Dec 7, 2018
If the person writing the program is the person running the machine it doesn't really matter whether the program is written on a computer or the control, the machine is still not running while the program is getting written if you have to watch the machine.

I think some guys here are forgetting that. There is no time saved by using CAM.


Jun 16, 2006
Near Seattle
"There is no time saved by using CAM." - uh, I find I can program in CAM (sitting down, with a keyboard, all the supporting stuff from my computer) faster than anything very complicated standing at the machine.
(That's on Centroid, Haas, a botched integration of Siemens, and Heidenhain - mazak is of course not on that list.)


Oct 27, 2007
On Tour...
A machine that is going to be used for prototype work will definitely be sitting idle when you're "cammin".
Prototype work usually means one dedicated machinist and one machine that he programs and runs every day.

My vote is for a Mazak.
Not if you're offline with a cam system.
You're programming ahead of machine availability....so everything is sorted when the machine comes available.
When i say everything is sorted....program, set sheet, tooling, cutters etc....


Jul 17, 2022
Thanks to all of your answers.

Yes i'm actually the only guy making parts and all laboratory test for these. So the machine will be a R&D machine and will have "dead" time.
In the future we want to make more by ourself to save time. The fact is that when we are ordering prototype parts, we're waiting at least 6 weeks until they're delivered. With this process it's difficult to make some "research" (R&D). With that I mean to make different angles, or contours, and afterward test them. With this kind of machine we also could produce parts inhous, when little batches (50 parts) are needed.

We're going to consider Mazak, DMG (Mori Seiki) NTX and Doosan machines.
I think the Service of the distributer will also play a big role in this.
Du to the fact that this is no "production" machine, we're also considering to buy a used one....

Most of my career has been on Mastercam. I bought an NTX2000 last year and bought esprit. The learning curve is pretty steep, and it is clunky for some things (but so is masterscam) It is objectively better for mill-turn or multi-spindle work. It just is.
Was this the only machine you we're considering, what were the pros and cons to the other machines
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