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Turning a thin walled part- ID or OD first?

evil monkey

Feb 5, 2023
I have to turn an aluminum part (6061 or 7075)with a 1.41" OD, and 1.29" ID (.060 wall). The depth of the bore is 1.48". I'll be starting with 1.5" dia. stock.

Should I do the boring first, or the outside turning first? Does it matter?

I think I should save the machining that requires (creates?) the smallest cutting forces for last, but I'd like an experts advice.


The few sleeves I machined the ID was the most critical so I drilled and bored that first using the rigidity of the OD to make the cut accurate. Then I added a large rotating center and turned the OD down to fit. I I warmed the factory piece for the sleeve and cooled the sleeve for a shrink fit and pushed them together. Made a few bore sleeves for air hammers that ere sthin and re-sleeved a couple small engine blocks and I used the heat shrink sytem with good success. Aluminum responds well to heat shrink assembly . Giood luck on your parts.