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Turning down work because of personal beliefs?

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I don't know how much choice is involved in someone's sexual preference but I suspect by the early teens they know who they are attracted to. It's my guess that such attraction is not something that can be just put aside or shrugged off. When I was still in elementary school a teacher caught me using one of the mirrors they had provided for a science lesson to check out a girl sitting diagonally behind me. The teacher was cool about it and simply leaned over and said quietly "She is cute, isn't she but we need to concentrate on our lesson". The point is that even back then I was beginning to note the difference in a positive way and I suspect others at the same age find their attraction leads in another direction.

Having said that, I think gays and others such as members of minority religions need to understand what it means to BE a minority. What that means is that no matter how much your rights are protected by law you will always be viewed as somewhat of an outsider and attempting to use government to force admittance into a group can lead to more scorn rather than less. Many people who are not religious still feel that marriage is between a man and a woman and that a married couple and their children are the foundation of society. Stunts such as trying to force Christians to bake wedding cakes for a gay couple are an example of tactics likely to have more negative than positive effects long term. As mentioned there were plenty of other places to have a cake made if the intent was not to make a political statement and get publicity.

In the region I live in the schools have instituted programs to overcome prejudice against gays that for the most part have not changed attitudes. In particular some programs that educated students on some of the more exotic practices of some gays have actually increased contempt. Political correctness has managed to dampen outspoken comments during school hours but once out of school comments like "That's so gay" and similar are commonly heard from groups of boys and girls walking home. It is my prediction that when the full gay agenda becomes known there will be a massive backlash. As it is, many sympathetic liberals have been revolted by some of the antics seen at gay pride parades and will no longer attend.
It is my prediction that when the full gay agenda becomes known there will be a massive backlash. As it is, many sympathetic liberals have been revolted by some of the antics seen at gay pride parades and will no longer attend.

I find a lot of your post very agreeable, but for this bit.
The only terrible overarching agenda is to be seen as normal people. There are a few nuts that want more than that, but they go in the same bin as those that want reparations for slavery.
Also, plenty of gays are against what's shown at parades, the vocal minority calls them "straight acting" much the same as blacks in a similar position are called "uncle tom".
The only work I have learned (the hard way) to turn down is the man with the plan....inventors...or as I call them now (dreamers) The easiest ones to boot are the ones that want to "let you in" on the bazillions you'll make from doing a year or so of free machine work. The others promise to pay...and then show up with a forgotten wallet/check book OR they write a check and forget there's no money in their account. I wonder how many times my ship came in and I missed it? Lol...
Probably wasn't, here in the OC there's plenty of neo-Nazis who like that kind of thing. Huntington Beach PD in the 80's/90's had pretty active surveilance of the HB skinhead/neo-nazi goings on. their still around.

Yes I know the OC... It's got a lot of white bread bigoted, racist morons. But there are also lots of nice people living there.
But absolutely YES, they have more then there fair share of racists.
even the nicer areas like Newport are just filled with wealthy racists.
tdmidget, you have some serious problems with your gay child!, go talk to a psychologist! It is my personal belief that being gay/bisexual/transgender, are all personal choices! No one knows what there sexual Identity is when they are born. We are helpless babies when we are born, we shit in diapers and suck tities, that all we know.

And your personal belief is simply wrong. You're as bad as he is.

Sexual identity lies on a continuum from strictly hetero to strictly ************. Most are at the strict hetero end. Maybe 10% or so strictly ************ end. Another 10% or more scattered in between.

Seems to me that females are more flexible than males but that is likely a reflection on my personal acquaintance group.

But anyway, those who are right at the strictly ************ end of the distribution have no more choice than someone like myself, who has zero interest in males as sex partners. I'd just do without.

So you too are wrong, and by pushing that POV you're actually part of the whole problem. Educate yourself and if you're just repeating what your Church told you, try thinking and reading for yourself. Unless you're also a Creationist and don't believe that evolution is fact, in which case stay in your bubble and let the rest of us get on with dealing with the world as it is.

I still am of the opinion that the shop had a perfect right to refuse to make something that conflicted with their beliefs, FWIW. Saying otherwise leads to the position where you think it's perfectly acceptable to force a doctor to perform an abortion even if it's against his/her beliefs, because it's legal. Do you people really want to go there?

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